Hello there!

We are very happy to announce that we are going LIVE on Kickstarter on the 14th of February!

We’ve decided to reveal our Kickstarter movie. Hope you’ll enjoy it and support Alder’s Blood on the 14th!


Please, spread the word, we will be very grateful!

We’ve also prepared a Thunderclap campaign.

Just sign in with your social media (Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr) and click support! That will help us a lot and we will be able to reach the wider audience thanks to you! This is completely free and takes only a few seconds!

Here’s the link to the Thunderclap campaign – https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/67393-alder-s-blood-kickstarter#

Thank you for you support!

New Huntress in Alder’s Blood

That’s not the end of the news for today. We have also created a new charater, Storyteller.

From a gameplay point of view she will fight mostly as a debuffer. She’s a typical support, working in a second line of the team – maybe even a ?glass cannon? (we still work on skills department of this character). Speaking about lore aspect, we imagine these debuffs as some old powers coming from ancient stories enchanted with magic powers. Some kind of maybe god?s words, usable in battle only for chosen ones – a typical person can die just from reading a single word. Hope you like this idea!