About 2 weeks ago we needed some voices of werewolfs, demons and monsters generally for Alder’s Blood prototype. We met at our “graphic designers couple” place (the flat of Michał and Alex). Adam, our sound designer brought a mobile studio with him. So finally we started recording. We have to say that recording our own voices was pretty awkward at first, but after some time spent in front of a microphone everyone became confident and the results were really awesome. None of us tried voiceacting before and we didn’t work in a professional studio environment, but we were blown-away even by the raw mixes. So we decided to share this video with you, because it’s just so adorable. Almost every member of Shockwork Games, trying his or her best becoming a werewolf – priceless! Don’t laugh too much, okay?

Don’t worry – a completed product will feature profesional voice actors; these recordings were just for the demo. We all had a blast anyway. Adam’s now fixin’ and mixin’ every sound, so in the final form we probably won’t recognise our voices.