“Thy Hunter’s a light, covered in mud, fell through the dark days, he’s dear God’s delight.”

In a world, where the nature had gone mad and hostile, the cold steel of a rapier and a gun are like a blessing from the civilization. The only thing you know about your enemy is that somebody called them Darkness. It is one, but they are many.
Lurking in the woods of Alder’s Blood you’re pinned down to have fangs just to fight fangs. Lead the group of Hunters, God’s delight, a last gift for the purged grounds and souls of tormented peasants giving them the last hope in a world, where a promise means nothing. 
“I don’t trust my doggo anymore” – one of the peasants. 
In Alder’s Blood, people completety lost the leftovers of their trust to nature, even to the pets – the loved ones pupils, that should bring a smile on somebody’s face. No one wants to see a raised companion becoming a wolf. People watched the growth of shiny fangs and deadly claws. Then, the villages started to dissappear completely covered by the inescapable dark blood mist of the Darkness.
Swamped in the mixture of blood and mud, Alder’s Blood will be a turn – based tactical strategy game, where the nature is ruled by pure madness.