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Hey! Here’s our first devlog with Alder’s Blood played in the real-time. As you can see, we did it in a video form. We hope you’ll like it! Remember – this is a very early build. Please, be understanding in terms of quality of this video, we will get better soon.

Reading time: 6 min

It’s Michał again. This time I will tell you more about the strategic layer in Alder’s Blood.

On the screen above, you will spend about 40% of the game time. You will plan your next moves, conducting research, managing resources and doing pretty much other stuff, that we will explain later.

The game world is divided into 4 main locations:
Reading time: 7 min

Can an idea for a game be a frustration’s child? Absolutely, lol.

Hi everybody, my name is Mike and I’ll talk about the whole idea behind Alder’s Blood project.
I really like strategy and tactical games. I might not be the best player ever in these, but I always loved the genre. We have seen some really cool tactical games lately, but all of them featured one crucial gameplay element that was usually a game breaker to me…RNG. I think we all know the frustration of missing that “90% chance to hit” shot, right? So we decided that if we ever do a tactical game it won’t feature the RNG system for attacks and other skills. And so does Alder’s Blood.

I love X-com games, but 65% chances for a hit in front of characters face is a joke 😉 Source: 9gag

So how does it work, right? Won’t it be too repetitive on a long run? We believe it won’t. Tactical games are all about careful planning every move, having plan B and C if something goes wrong. But classic RNG can literally destroy your backup plans up to Z…unless you already run out of guys that can do something.
In Alder’s Blood if a gun deals 3DMG and the enemy is in range, the enemy WILL receive 3DMG, period. No more “suprises” and “deal with it” philosophy.

Reading time: 7 min