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It’s Michał again. This time I will tell you more about the strategic layer in Alder’s Blood.

On the screen above, you will spend about 40% of the game time. You will plan your next moves, conducting research, managing resources and doing pretty much other stuff, that we will explain later.

The game world is divided into 4 main locations:
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This time we will talk less about the backstory of our Hunters; it is time to tell you more about the creation process.

In the beginning, Occultist was ment to be greatly inspired by the appearance of the nobles from the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth from the turn of XVI and XVII centuries. If you are Polish, or you’re into Polish culture and history, you’ve probably heard of Pan Twardowski. You’ve got +100 points of awesomeness, if you’ve already noticed the similarities between Pan Twardowski and Occultist.

If you did not – Pan Twardowski was a Polish nobleman, who made a pact with the devil. In the end: he was smart enough to fool the devil and save his soul. Twardowski was a kind of sorcerer and an alchemist. I liked this concept very much, so I decided to form our new Hunter this way.

So, we had the basis: a nobility costume, XVII century, Poland.

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Do you remember the text about Jaeger, ex-officer, very brave and praiseworthy Hunter? I think this is the right moment to change the vibe a little bit and present someone less noble, someone like Rambler.

Rambler never hid his true nature, which resulted with many friends and many enemies. Peasants were always by his side, welcoming him with open arms, as he never refused to help them fight the beasts that haunted their household.

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From the very beggining we knew that we will have different classes of Hunters in Alder’s Blood. In our thoughts, we felt that each one of them should be different than the other ones, expecially in terms like: the character graphic design, set of weapons and a little bit of backstory that can be included in the script.

Let us intruduce you the one of our Hunters, more known as Jaeger.
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Can an idea for a game be a frustration’s child? Absolutely, lol.

Hi everybody, my name is Mike and I’ll talk about the whole idea behind Alder’s Blood project.
I really like strategy and tactical games. I might not be the best player ever in these, but I always loved the genre. We have seen some really cool tactical games lately, but all of them featured one crucial gameplay element that was usually a game breaker to me…RNG. I think we all know the frustration of missing that “90% chance to hit” shot, right? So we decided that if we ever do a tactical game it won’t feature the RNG system for attacks and other skills. And so does Alder’s Blood.

I love X-com games, but 65% chances for a hit in front of characters face is a joke 😉 Source: 9gag

So how does it work, right? Won’t it be too repetitive on a long run? We believe it won’t. Tactical games are all about careful planning every move, having plan B and C if something goes wrong. But classic RNG can literally destroy your backup plans up to Z…unless you already run out of guys that can do something.
In Alder’s Blood if a gun deals 3DMG and the enemy is in range, the enemy WILL receive 3DMG, period. No more “suprises” and “deal with it” philosophy.

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